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Technology for conservation

Bridging forest conservation and technology

About Us

We are team of ecologists, environmentalists and engineers working to bridge gap in efforts to conserve forests with latest technology.

Our Team

Neha Singh

co founder

She conceptualized FORREST to conserve, to Inspire and to connect people back to nature. Her interest lies in Habitat ecology. A poet by nature with a touch of the wild.

S R Dhanush

co founder

Dhanush is a graduate in Electronics and Communication engineering. After working in robotics for a few years, he has been exploring use of technology in forest conservation.

Our Expertise



We have years of experience in planning and executing complex projects of conservation thoughout India.



Our team of engineers have a deep understanind of best practices in use of technology for conservation



Often exisitng knowledge is not enough for a problem. We are always reasearching for best possible solution for any given problem.

Our Work

We work on diverse projects in the field of forestry, wildlife conservation and water conservation.

Think we can help?

Feel free to have chat with us. We are sure we can come up with something!